The complex is 130 km from the town of Stagira where the grove of Aristotle. It is the only theme park in Halkidiki. Worth a visit to see the interesting instruments and enjoy the wonderful view of the bay of Ierissos and accommodate the imposing statue of Aristotle.
Theme park includes the original interactive instruments (compass, telescope, Prism, Sundial, Lens, quintette, Optical Drives, Pendulum, water turbines, idle Globes, Parabolic mirrors).
This experimental instruments operating under the natural laws which refer to the writings of Aristotle and especially in the “project’s course.” The park combines a unique way of recreation, entertainment and education. In the same area is a café-restaurant with stunning views of the Gulf of Ierissos and Mount Athos.
At the site of the grove you will also see the tower of Mademia Aga together with the house of which constituted the administrative center of the mining region of Sidirokafsia.

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